Editors’ Prize 2019 Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted to our 2019 Editors’ Prize contest. This year, we received over 200 submissions in each genre, which our dedicated team of readers read with attention and great interest. After much deliberation, we’ve decided on our winners:

In prose, congratulations to Alyssa Quinn for her essay “Transcendence: A Schematic.”

In poetry, congratulations to Michael Pontacoloni for his poem “The Last Diving Horse Show in America.”

Our prose runners-up are:
Sierra Warrick – “The Whimper”
Emma Grillo – “A Weightless Sort of Comfort”

Our poetry runners-up are:
Veronica Kornberg – “In Which I Explain my Eleventh Year”
Jessica Poli – “Prothalamion”

Thank you so much for submitting your work and supporting Meridian. We hope you’ll consider submitting to us during our general reading period–and send us your best for next year’s contest!

Congratulations again to our winners!

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  1. Laura Lee (Koenig)
    June 24, 2019 at 6:18 am

    Very much enjoying volume 43 print edition of Meridian. I didn’t expect to receive this copy in the mail since I wasn’t accepted for publication. Glad I received it. Loving the fiction, poetry, and essays

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