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Review: Verge by Lidia Yuknavitch

Verge by Lidia Yuknavitch Published by Riverhead Books Feb 04, 2020 | 208 Pages Review by Raisa Tolchinsky   “…I wrote story after story. There was no inside out. There were words and there was my body, and I could see through my own skin. I wrote my guts out. Until it was a book. Until my very skin made screamsong,”… Read more →

Announcing our 2019 Pushcart Prize Nominations

  We are pleased to announce this year’s Pushcart Prize Nominations:   Alyssa Quinn: “Transcendence: A Schematic” Michael Pontacoloni: “The Last Diving Horse Show in America” Emma Windsor Wood: “Living” Dara Passano: “Fellowship” Chris Stuck: “Every Time They Call You N*****” Brenna Lemieux: “We Were Happy”   Congratulations on your brilliant work. We wish we could nominate more–we’ve had the… Read more →


  The Winner of the Meridian Short Prose Prize will receive $250.00 and publication. Two Runners-Up will also be published in our print magazine, and all submissions will be considered for publication. Anything goes! Send us your hybrid bits, lyric essaylets, prose poems, flash fiction, microessays, short-short-stories…whatever you call it, we want to read your vibrant, electric words. We will… Read more →

Editors’ Prize 2019 Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted to our 2019 Editors’ Prize contest. This year, we received over 200 submissions in each genre, which our dedicated team of readers read with attention and great interest. After much deliberation, we’ve decided on our winners: In prose, congratulations to Alyssa Quinn for her essay “Transcendence: A Schematic.” In poetry, congratulations to Michael Pontacoloni for… Read more →

Editors’ Prize 2018 Winners!

Thank you to all those who submitted for allowing us to consider your work for the Editors’ Prizes. This year, we received over 300 submissions in each genre, and our team of readers pored over every page. While the high quality of submissions this year meant our decision was difficult to make, we have at last decided on two winners.… Read more →


Meridian’s 2018 Editors’ Prizes

Editors’ Prize submissions are now open! Deadline: January 26, 2018 $1000 Prize for Winners in Poetry and Fiction POETRY submissions may contain up to four poems that do not exceed ten total pages. Please put all the poems in one document. FICTION submissions should not total more than 10,000 words. You may only submit two entries per genre–no more than two fiction submissions… Read more →