Announcing the winners of Meridian’s Borders Contest!

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Spring 2017 contest in poetry and prose on the theme of Borders. We received over 500 entries to the contest and were heartened to see how many of you made donations to the International Rescue Committee or other organization in lieu of an entry fee. Thank you from all of us here at Meridian!

Without further ado, the winners and runners up are as follows:


Winner – Mar Colón-Margolies, ‘Small Violence’.

Runners up – Justin Herrmann, ‘The Far North’ and Susan Kim Campbell, ‘Neapolitan’.


Winner – Destiny Birdsong, ‘Refraction’.

Runner up – Ösel Jessica Plante, ‘The Navy Wife Talks in Her Sleep’.

Look out for the winning poems and stories in issue 39 of Meridian, coming this summer. We received so many excellent entries to this contest that we’re putting together a whole Borders-themed issue and publishing many of the pieces we loved alongside the winners and runners up.

With thanks to all the entrants for letting us read your work and congratulations to the deserving winners!


The Meridian Editors

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