Announcing Our Meridian Short Prose Prize Winner: Steph Karp!


We are delighted to announce that the winner of the Meridian Short Prose Prize is “Tiny Baba,” by Steph Karp! Steph will receive publication in Meridian and a $250 prize.

Here’s what our editor has to say: “In this strange and unforgettable piece of micro-fiction, Steph Karp uses the possibilities of the short form to maximal effect, crafting a miniature world that is surreal and funny, sharp and melancholic. ‘Tiny Baba’ is tightly condensed but evenly paced, unpretentious but expertly styled. We can’t stop reading ‘Tiny Baba,’ and are honored to publish this piece as the winner of our Meridian Short Prose Prize.”


Meridian is also awarding publication to three phenomenal finalists:

C.M. Lindley for “Scrape You Up”
Ellie White for “The View From Below”
Vanessa Tamm for “So Slow That It Sounds True”


And we commend these exceptional semi-finalists:
Elie Piha for “Thermometer”
Laura Perkins for “Jesus or a Vacuum”
Sarah Strong for “The October Two of My Friends Planned Double Masectomies”
Dean Gessie for “The Wages of Misogyny”
Judy Xie for “Overhoard”
Marsha McSpade for “Little Red’s Revenge”
Marty McConnell for “Seven Letters to People Who Would Never Write Back + One Who Would”


Congratulations all around!



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